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Install and Nursery Carry-out Warranty

Landscape Install Warranty

*No warranty and/or guarantee work will be performed until payment is received in full.

  • Hardscape/Paver Warranty

    • This warranty covers any defects in materials and all installation and workmanship with the exceptions stated below.

    • This warranty is for a period of (1) year from the time of substantial completion of the Project.

    • Exempt from warranty:

      • Fading or discoloration of materials or product used.

      • Efflorescence in concrete materials.

      • Damage to hardscapes due to improper use, neglect, vandalism, animal damage and Acts of God.

      • Staining of any nature from outside sources, improper care, or cleaning.

  • Plant Warranty

    • Plant material supplied and installed by Dakota Designs LLC is guaranteed  with a limited warranty for one (1) year from the time of installation, provided that proper maintenance and protection has been performed (watering, weeding, cultivation, etc.) with the exceptions stated below.

    • This warranty is limited to a one-time, free of charge, replacement per plant within the given time period only.

    • Exempt from warranty:

      • Under watered or neglected plants.

      • Vandalism, animal damage or Acts of God.

      • Any special requested non-hardy plants, annuals and bulbs.

      • If the plant has been moved from its original location.

      • Plants installed in pots or raised planters.


*Trees and shrubs can show some stress immediately following planting. Normally they recover quickly. Keep a close eye on your new plants. At the first sign of something unusual with your new plant material, contact us immediately regarding your concerns. We can then assist you with information to help keep your new plant material healthy before further damage occurs. Under watering, over watering, insect infestation and lack of pre/post winter care can all have adverse effects on a young plant.


  • Lawn Install Warranty

    • This 60 day limited warranty from time of planting covers installation of lawn turf by drilling, hydroseeding, and sod with the exceptions stated below.

    • Seed germination guaranteed with proper watering and care.

    • This warranty runs for a period of 60 days from time of installation.

    • Exempt from warranty:

      • Under watered or neglect.

      • Vandalism, animal damage or Acts of God.

      • High traffic areas

      • No warranty will be honored on yards installed June 15th-August 15th that do not have in ground sprinklers.

*New lawns generally fail due to improper irrigation coverage. At the first sign of browning please adjust your water application rate quickly, and contact us immediately regarding your concerns.


Retail Nursery Warranty

  • Trees and Shrubs

    • Trees and shrubs shall carry a one-time, 50% percent replacement warranty of the cost of the plant through October 31st of the same purchase year.

    • Claims are only valid if:

      • the original plant material and the original sales receipt are returned to Dakota Designs LLC.

      • If an exact replacement is unavailable, the company may offer a substitution of equal value or issue a store credit for the calculated amount.

    • Exempt from warranty:

      • Any perennial, annual, vegetable, herb, or tropical plant shall carry no warranty due to their short growing season and life-cycles.

      • Any plant material not planted in the ground shall carry no warranty.

      • Any plant material discounted at or above twenty-five (25) percent shall carry no warranty.


*If a problem is detected with any plant material, please contact Dakota Designs LLC immediately so that we may offer advice to save the plant from any further harm.

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